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Welcome to Solutions Therapy & Learning!


We offer speech, language and occupational therapy services to children 0-21 years old with varying special needs. Our compassionate team of therapists are experienced with children with a variety of diagnoses and abilities, providing solutions to children with special needs.

We have a clinic in Port Saint Lucie, Florida and also serve various private schools within the community of Martin and St. Lucie Counties.

Our Services
Speech Therapy
Language Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Behavioral Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy


Children and adolescent’s speech and language therapy addresses the communication needs of children. Speech therapists work on language comprehension, ability to express themselves, pronunciation skills, and feeding skills.

Occupational Therapy 


Occupational therapy for children and adolescents improves the areas of fine motor, visual perception and cognition through purposeful everyday activities. The areas addressed include hand skills, sensory function, eating, self-care, social skills, play/leisure skills, handwriting and keyboarding skills.

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